The card game that gives everyone a chance to shine! Get ready to act, draw, describe and spell backwards in this exciting, laugh-out-loud card game where you supply the answers. You never know what you’ll do next with Cranium Cards!
Contents: 80 cards, timer and instructions. You need to supply pencil and paper
To Play: This is a great game to play in teams. One team draws an orange card and secretly comes up with an answer “e.g something that makes people laugh” and places it face down.
The performer for the other team looks at the answer without showing anybody and then turns over the top purple card which shows the activty and how many points for guessing the answer.
There are 5 possible activities: Cameo – acting out the answer, Cloodle- drawing the answer, Listofacto – describe it by using no more than 3 facts, Grilleps – spelling it backwards and Choose it – you get to pick which activity you want. Lots of fun and laughter!
If you are successful, keep the purple card and the points – you’ve earned it! Then the other team has a turn. Play until all the purple cards are used, tally the points and the winner is the team with the most points.

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